About Kyle

grew up in Lafayette, TN
lives in Murfreesboro, TN
works in Nashville, TN

Creative and original? Maybe. Let me take your idea and create something amazing with it.
My proudest works come from the ideas I catalyze for others. Let me try yours.


Born and raised in rural Lafayette, Tennessee by Charlie Jones and Regina [Shane] with a fascination with technology at an early age, I soon discovered the video camera. My father always jokingly said, “Why did Kyle get into video? Well, when your kids were asking for an Xbox for Christmas, Kyle asked for a video camera.” Fusing the love of computers and video camera, I entered the world of video editing. Around the age 13, I began exploring how to edit videos created at family gatherings and church functions.

Won an iPod..and a job.

Self-taught at this point, I entered a contest sponsored by the local telecom, North Central Telephone Cooperative. The poster advertised a contest to create a 30 second commercial about the telecom’s broadband Internet. Jones saw an opportunity to win an iPod, but found himself with a part-time job at North Central working as their video editor. So there he was: North Central before he could even legally drive a car!

Working at such a young age taught Jones many lessons he would soak up and utilize in his life. Early experience in dealing with a variety of people-from crazy and angry to sweet and technologically-challenged-taught him how to work with people in a professional manner. Jones was able to use these early experiences to shape his work ethic to do his best work no matter who he dealt with.

“You’re a Mid”

Middle Tennessee State University soon became his next destination. Book knowledge was important, but one of Jones’ first concern when starting college was building a continued connection to God. Soon after beginning collage at MTSU, he found a campus ministry called Raiders for Christ to deepen his faith and relationship with Christ. Though he is far from adequate, his constant pursuit and God’s grace keep him moving forward.

An internship the beginning of his senior year led to a full-time position by the time graduation rolled around in the Communications office at the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. At the same time, Kyle, Ben Godley and Adam Elrod joined creative forces to form Aspire Media Productions.

Me and Mrs. Jones

The current chapter of my life is being co-authored by me and Mrs. Jones.

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I am a…

Video editor, aspiring UX designer, DSLR videographer, Google Docs lover,  project management guru, graphic designer, proficient web designer, basic html coder, intermediate photographer, digital signage programmer, a/v booth sound/slide/video guy at church, husband.