Calculating Wages

Applying for Unemployment Insurance requires a few actions on the claimant that they are not aware of (if they don’t read). So a video was created to combat this terrible miscommunication.

The steps had not even been clearly written out so this was new content altogether. After writing it out, a quick storyboard drafted the illustrations. I’m quite proud of the calendar. Being a visual person, that really helped me figure out how the timing of all this works. After creating the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, I put them in a Premiere Pro timeline along with a few simple reveal animations created in After Effects. I walked into the studio/closet and recorded the narration and uploaded it to the Internet. Music credits belong to the free music library made available by YouTube.

Wrote, illustrated, voiced and edited a video to quickly show how to calculate an unemployment claimant’s last week of income during the first required certification.

Project Type Illustrated Video
Software Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere Pro
Client Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

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