Health Day Event

Nutrition is an important subject to me. As one of five members of the department’s wellness council, I was given an avenue to take action and create a buzz about such topics.

The idea of Health Day was to get fellow employees talking about health topics in ways that facilitated a conversation. To create that conversation, I chose to create several small groups based on what each person found most interesting from a variety of topics (polled via Google Forms).I designed announcements and posted them on the lobby TVs and placed small table topper printouts in all the breakrooms.

With permission, we took over the majority of the building’s eight breakrooms and sent Outlook calendar meeting invites to let employees know which break room was discussing their preferred topic.

Since the event was a lunch and learn, we were able to discuss health topics and meet a few other people who also share an interest in the same topic. I led the group on the topic of Dance/Exercise. We didn’t meet in a break room, instead I booked a conference room and we played Ubisoft’s Just Dance by projecting the game onto the wall and danced along for an aerobic workout.

Project Type Workplace Health Initiative
Requester (self)
Client Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Wellness Council

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