What do you see in a veteran?

The two purposes of this graphic were to raise awareness of the Paychecks for Patriots Hiring Events in Tennessee and to illustrate that our department was serious about veterans.

We did not use this word lightly just to peak our service men and women’s attention, but rather illustrated that we respect what they do and our staff have put our hard work in making sure that employers at our hiring event are serious about veterans as well (i.e. Employers with only part-time or temporary positions we’re not allowed to participate). Now, I’m not sure if you got all that from glancing at the graphic, but that’s the depth I was going for.

With a little Photoshop know-how and patience, a word collage that illustrates what I see when I meet a veteran was born. I’m a big fan of these rustic/messy textures so I take photos of random textures all the time, so the background for this project was originally a photo of plywood taken from my iPhone.

Visiting a field office, I noticed that one of the managers had printed it and posted it on his evergreen bulletin board.

Fun Fact: Holding on to this design, this almost made it into a billboard in another campaign.

Fun Fact: The texture to make the background is an image of plywood.

Project Type Photoshop
Event Paychecks for Patriots Hiring Event (2015)
Client Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

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